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best ayurvedic treatment hospital in kerala

About Ayurveda

treatment for back pain in kerala

Ayurveda is the Science of life.It was proposed for the wellness of all living beings.More than being a treatment system , Ayurveda is a collection of lifestyle measures to be followed by an individual. Ayurveda has its origin in India, but now it is spreading to the whole world. Ayurveda is purely based on Indian Scientific laws supporting Panchamahabhuta Sidhanta, from that the tridosha concepts are derived.In this science all the wholesome as well as unwholesome measures of an individuals health is mentioned, and suggests everyone to follow wholesome measures to attain an eternal soul. Ayurveda guides an individual to care and control their body and mind like a perfect charioteer leading a chariot. Eventhough it has origined 5000 years ago still it is followed without any lose in its perfection and purity.

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